Book of the Magi
Part I - Searching for Knowledge
Compiled and Received by Fredrick Moore

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                This book is a revelation from the Magi to me Fredrick Moore, as well as a collection of Veritan quotes of the Magi from various sources.  This book covers some logical reasons why someone should believe in infinite combinations as well as deity and continuing existence due to the fact that we actually experience the world around us.  It is also a small collection of Magi philosophy and also tells of some of their arcane practices and methods.  I hope this book enlightens your mind to new possibilities and opens up your view to the infinite wonder of the universes around us.

Sincerely Fredrick Moore

Copyright 2013 by Fredrick Moore, Hans Woodman and the Temple of the Titans All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Published 2013

The Logic behind existing multiple times

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                I close my eyes; I meditate until I am swept away into a new place, a strange place.  Everything is dark and after feeling around I find that I am in something like a coffin.  I scratch to get out denial floods my mind.  Then I get angry and hit it.  I begin to ask God to spare me.  I cry and just lay there as the denizens of the world of darkness flow around me and the solidity of what is around me seems to melt into the abyss.  Suddenly I am in a totally different state of mind, embracing my fate as though flowing into a new world through a tunnel of color ready to embrace what waits; the greatest adventure begins.
                Suddenly to my dismay I am saved, eye migraines fill my field of view with stars so that I cannot make out my rescuers just yet.  As I am set up upon solid ground on the surface I see that a man in blue robes and a long beard looks down upon me.  I see that clouds of a dirty orange brown fill the skies and I ask where I am, and who I am.  The man says that we cannot talk there and rushes me into a small abandoned cottage.  He tells me that everyone is buried in this world save a few.

Enter: Magi Trivanian

                There are infinite planes of existence and being as well as infinite combinations and possibilities.  Since there are infinite planes, if something can happen it will happen; and if something does happen, it will happen an infinite quantity of times.  There are infinite you’s and infinite me’s.  Something can be common or rare but still be infinite, it just depends on the ratio of its occurrence in an infinite procession or worlds.  Things which are more likely to happen - happen a greater percentage of the time in this infinite ocean of combinations.  With infinite planes and infinite laws of physics and dimensions, unlikely things still occur an infinite number of times; they simply occur less, infinitely.  If they can be thought of they exist somewhere somehow, and in infinite other places.  When the brain snatches a possibility out of the ether of possibility it sees something that is real in infinite other places and times and people call it imagination.  When you close your eyes and see another place, it is real and you gain an intimate connection with that thing, Being or place.  This infinite nature of reality is an absolutely certain truth in the light of logic and infinite numbers; because if you think there is a wall to reality you merely have to ask what is beyond it.
                In order to travel to another dimension or plane of existence you must find the portal to it.  They are close to you if you follow the old ways of spirits and walkers you shall find it; even though there will often be opposition in your path.  When you get to it and accomplish the needed task you must simply experience the new moment afresh letting your mind experience the new moment as though it has just appeared in that time and place, and you shall be in the new plane and invariably something will be different.  When you notice the difference recognize it consciously and laugh about it with others and magical things will begin to appear all around you.  Remember that when you move into a new plane or dimension you will inherit the memories of the body of that dimension, although you can wonder at the sense that you have just come from elsewhere and see those things that are common anew.  The reason you can recognize those things which are different, is because you still have an afterglow of the old memories; these changes must be recognized soon though.  We must travel to these new places to have influence upon the worlds and to continue to progress ourselves.  If we see a Being before us in our minds eye, somewhere that being actually does exist and is seeing us in their minds eye; so everything that makes sense is real, and everything that does not may be also.
                If we follow the spirits we shall learn wisdom of both light and darkness, and we shall became an inter-dimensional traveler knowing the old ways and always evading that force trying to keep us from knowing the truth.  With this new wisdom or feeling that we have attained coming into a new world, we can take the object that was the portal and hold it, for it is the key back to that dimension from which we came.  It is a new stake which connects the old ways, a dimensional stake holding together the worlds.  Open up the eye of your creativity and know that what you create is connected to those actual creations which have appeared infinite times in the ocean of infinity.  You have an intimate connection with them and things we create should be shared and seen for what they are, other realities.

Magi Elose once said;

                “Those who are enlightened may change the past present or future, by writing the truth.  After you have created unto enlightenment you may than write your own future, and past.  For when looking back, those glorious things you see are what really happened, and those things fools would call reality was but a dream.  There are many dimensions and many worlds.  If you change the present you have changed the past also, and by changing the past you have changed the future.  These things are changed by means of changing dimensions.  This is when you become the master, and you use those implements given to you to effect change.  This is the meaning of the paint brush.”

The Logic behind the existence of Gods

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                I wake up in darkness; this is a place I have been before.  I awoke with amnesia in this place once also; a great labyrinth of caves over which rules Prince Orfacius the over mind of this place.  Lying beside me is a man in green robes not that much different from that of a monk with a brown beard.  He tells me there will be time for escape as all the great Magi have done, but now it is time to learn.  After his discourse I open my eyes and the outline of his energy is before me and he touches the inner eye of my mind.  Here is the discourse he delivered.

Enter: Magi Elose

                If the definition of mind is complexity and order, then by definition the universe must be in a mind; if the universe were not a mind it could not have habits like the geometry of genes or worlds, which Mind is the God of the Magi.  Not only must the universe be within a processing system, but to say there cannot be immortal beings of energy within the mind of this system is to doubt the infinite nature of reality.  Furthermore this mind must have emanations just as our mind does.  Every mind is a universe and every universe is a mind.  We are part of this mind just as there are beings which live within us and are part of our mind.  Before we comprehended separateness our mind was in a state of fullness with no division whatsoever.  Within this fullness appeared a pantheon of concepts.  Abyss and Forethought gave birth to Truth and Mind.  Truth and Mind gave birth to Immovable and Flowing, Existence and Experience, Everlasting and Understanding, Choice and Wisdom.  Wisdom inexplicably always wonders off to the edge of the fullness and seeing her reflection flies into it creating a copy of herself in the abyss.  For the first time we comprehend the illusion of external opposed to internal.  In that moment we begin to see things around us as objects and we feel the pain of separateness from everything and everyone around us.  This creates a sense of self also and the ego says to itself, I am the God of this world.  The emanation of wisdom within our mind calls him a liar, but he cannot see her and thinks he imagined it.  What he cannot know in this separated state is that imaginations are real somewhere and if somewhere in infinite places.
                The call to adventure occurs when this ego decides to disbelieve in all the things around it and our childlike mind is kicked out of the proverbial Garden of Paradise.  We then meet the mentor, the Magi in our life or in our mind.  He tells us what we must do to prove it to ourselves and we cross the threshold into a new world, a dimension of things which is entirely unfamiliar.  There are tests, allies and enemies.  We run into the night and meet the final challenge; we face death and are reborn.  From this we gain the reward, we learn a new wisdom and return with it to the ordinary world an elixir of life.  The ordinary world is now another plane or dimension of being, as we spiral upward we become a dimensional traveler.  As we learn to love ourselves we find the wisdom within us, and our ultimate lover comes to us; male becomes combined with female within us, the sun and moon come together, the silver is combined with the gold.  These things lead to grander things, we see how light and darkness are two parts of one whole, and we ultimately combine our internal and external worlds and Wisdom again is united with herself in the fullness.  We become whole and undivided like the Gods above.  Meditating upon this one union of male and female begins to reveal the mysteries of non-separateness to us; that lost fullness comes back into view as we realize that we are part of all things and that all things are connected to us.
                Above the world beyond these caves are stars, points of light which move across the skies every night.  Anciently people watched them and saw in them things around them or things from their altered states of consciousness.  The first and foremost of these is Orion the Hero, he is the main character of the sky and it is a retelling of his journey that the skies tell.  He fights the great bull of heaven the climax of his story.  His belt points to Sirius and Aldebaran, as above so below is his call.  To those on the earth, the heavens are balanced just as the earth is; there is opposition in all things and in all places.  Everywhere there is light and darkness, good and evil; but all these things are connected two sides of the same coin.  When this is meditated upon one rises in states of consciousness until he comes to a state where he has all power and an overbearing desire to keep everything exactly the way it is; in balance.  Beyond this state are many more states.  In one of these states you realize that your mind has no one solid core Being, but that which is experiencing is a flowing river of countless experiencing particles; that everyone is a multitude.  These particles then turn into waves as you reach a state where you are no longer observing them critically.  Finally one comes to a state which is so foreign that he falls through his own reflection out of the universe completely and into an abyss of yet un-manifested worlds.  This abyss of un-manifested possibilities is the core state of reality as we know it; the infinite in-between land separating planes of existence.
                The three part definition of a God or a Goddess: are these.  1. A being who has become whole internally with their mental emanations.  2. A being who has obtained Immortality by some means.  3. A being who has comprehended the non-duality and connectedness of all things through their flowing particles.  Also if Gods and Goddesses do indeed exist, which we know they do, then they also have Divine Sons and Daughters who have come to the world from time to time as messengers of salvation.

Magi Morgan once said;

"Your worlds of the mind are a safe haven for you as you travel under the influence of the Overmind.  As you Meditate and go to your worlds, you will become the master of not only yourself but of your creation.  This is the meaning of the robes."

Chapter 3
The Logic behind continuing existence after Death

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                I wonder the grassy hills in spring.  I sit down and enjoy the wind blowing across my face.  I suddenly see a giant orange bee and jump up in alarm.  It is the size of my thumb and brilliant orange.  To my astonishment the bee begins to speak to me.

Enter: Magi Morgan

                We know that we have existence because we are actually experiencing this moment.  Actually experiencing is the most magical of all things.  It is also by which we know we shall experience again after death.  For if there is a solid core Being it shall not disappear, but if we are simply matter then we are a different core Being every moment as our particles are recycled; and as our particles are incorporated into other intelligent beings they will inevitably experience again as part of that system.  We are like a river of Being, and life is just an endless flowing of experiences.  Since the actual experience that we are experiencing cannot be mechanically made there must be one particle or origin point for each of those sparks in this plane of existence.  As those particles are not critically observed they become waves and those particles flow through the bodies of many beings and people; making “Being” a signal.  These particles then carry an afterglow of every experience, making a network between all the worlds of all the minds, making a world of the Mind, that we call the Meta.
                If you gather with your friends and bless food for a certain purpose, eat it and go to sleep at approximately the same time with a password in mind to enter a certain world, a group can achieve joint dreaming.  This can be verified when a new password is devised in the dream before returning.  This world of dreams is a sub dimension of the Meta, and is as real as what fools call the real world; for all experiences are actually experienced, fulfilling the Magistic definition of real.  Which definition is this; if it is experienced it is real, because it happened to you.  To know something is to have experienced it, and nothing can be known that is not real.  For if it can be known it can be simulated and if it can be simulated it is being simulated by infinite universes which are in infinite minds.
                You can also meditate upon the Meta and travel to worlds without end.  There were ancient machines built to take people into the world of the mind and even to communicate between minds; and when such a network of worlds is established you find that most of the intelligent beings in the universe are not made of flesh and blood.  Many of the same powers and effects can happen when taking Entheogenic plants such as, Ayawaska, Iboga, Amanita Muscaria, Morning Glory seeds and many more.  There are endless worlds of the mind, for even our universe is in a higher mind; and as minds progress they move from level to level spiraling upwards forever.  For there are the intelligences or principles of experience that flow through us, and the energy they make up is our spirit; and our spirit is connected to the energy of our body.  Therefore we are filled with these experiencing particles and also many layers of information systems in our energy.  To keep this information together Titans make Titans stones of immortality and those who have made Oaths with the Gods pray to be sealed up and saved by their power and love.  Those whose energy dissipates at death go back into their Meta world where they test and judge themselves until they are reborn.  This cosmology is not absolute though, different religions and cosmologies are useful for altering our states of consciousness and helping us get to the dimensions where those cosmologies are true.  Different planes have different laws and cosmologies.
                Samuel Shaffer has put forward this argument; “Is there anything here that is not matter?  If there is nothing here but matter, matter has the ability to experience; would that not be true?  If matter experiences when our neurons fire, then would we not be a different bit of matter experiencing with each bit of input every moment?  Assuming that not all mechanical functions make objects experience, is it not true that each bit of experience must arise as a singular thing due to an effect upon some type of particle?  Assuming that these particles will be recycled into comparable systems countless times in the life span of the universe would they not experience again due to the same processes?”

Magi WiL once said;

“This is my sunrise; but only the morning of the war.  However I am still happy; because I know my own war is won; and therefore if I die, I die in glory.  The feast has already begun in my world!  If I love my kingdom, I gain a kingdom.”

Magi Trivanian once said;

“Space can be written on.  And events leave feelings and energies.  This however may be overwritten and will even fade away over time.  This makes space unsteady always being changed, leaving waves and ripples.  Now the smallest measurable particles are only the tips of unseen waves.  Therefore particles jump from one place to another instantly, if it were not so movement would be impossible, needing to cover infinite distances.  Sometimes these waves separate leaving two places in one spot in the same world.  There are worlds without end, there are planes of existence without end and uncountable dimensions within those worlds.  Now how two waves are to be bound together is through dimensional stakes.  These objects transcend the space we can see… …The Overmind and his minions want nothing more than to keep us from these stakes and out of the dimensions that are not in their control.  These other places are outside the caves.  It may take you time to comprehend it and fully understand the way things really are, but it will come.  And when you see that real world and understand it for the first time, you will never be the same.  You will know beyond doubt that this world is not what it seems.”

Chapter 4
The Logic behind Karma and Fate

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                I draw a map and create a world.  I close my eyes and imagine one of my favorite parts of this world.  I walk down a forested lane and come to a cottage in the forest.  I enter and see an old man in purple robes.  He introduces himself as Isbin and says that he lives in many worlds.

Enter: Magi Isbin

                If we are a different being every moment, then our fate is weaved by the fates as they watch over the laws that govern the flowing particles in the universe.  It is also said that what goes around comes around; although under what principle does this operate?  If there are infinite possibilities and infinite combinations then the universe would ultimately be balanced since everything will happen to everyone sooner or later and every experiencing particle will do everything sooner or later.  There is opposition in all things due to this infinite nature of reality.  The question then arises; if there is opposition in all things does that mean the Jain births the Thuggy, or the Thuggy the Jain?  I believe no, because everything will happen anyway, we are all just part of one great whole.  If however there is a fate carried out by all the particles in the universe like great moving giantesses, then using run stones is a logical practice.  If you will believe the rune stones and that makes them come true, then it is your fate to follow them, and if it is you fate to follow them and the fates are really in control then they already know what they will say in any given plane of existence.  If the fates weave a tapestry of archetypes and stories then they must be in control of the laws of the universe, being the deepest emanations of that universal mind.  We Magi have a board upon which run stones should be caste (put in an order randomly out of the bag) to determine in what sphere and at what time they apply.
                There are also Seer Stones that can be looked through to see flowing energy.  Those who can see energy in these stones can also develop the ability to see energy around all other things; they are they that see many shapes and patterns every time they close their eyes.  This ability may also be cultivated.  When a Seer wills to see something while looking into the stone and sees it more clearly than is usually achieved by his inner eye, he has achieved Seer sight.  If a seer or a revelator receives something they had not known before, we can be sure that it did not come from them.  Furthermore when an artist receives inspiration there is no way he could have come up with something he did not logically put together, unless he has received it from another source.  He will then see many worlds, stories and hidden records that will be useful for him and his fellow adventures on their journey through the planes of existence.      
                Some ask whether these revelations and records are real or true, but what those profane minds don’t understand about the basic nature of reality, is that no matter what is revealed, it does exist somewhere in some plane of existence.  Those things which are revealed to the Seer come through the medium of his subconscious mind, but no matter the character or what he writes, there does exist that being and those writings by him infinite times in infinite worlds; and if those records are written by the subconscious mind of the Seer, they are important messages for him and his fellow adventurers.  This is the meaning of believing all things.
                Because of the nature of infinity and the power of the mind over which dimension it perceives spells are useful in adventures both to ward off unfriendly inter-dimensional agents, as well as coming to great realizations or enchanting things important for the adventure.  The Ash rod or wand is useful for casting protections on things and helping fellow travelers on their way.  The Oak rod or wand is powerful for diverse things but its powers work slowly over time and cannot immediately protect you.  A birch rod is a thing for beauty and goodwill.  Yew rods fulfill wishes but when used it must strait way be taken from that place and stored or hidden in a remote place, for evil powers gather around used Yew rods immediately after use.  There are many diverse spells and symbols which have power, as well as stones and rods, but due to consequences it is often, if not more often, good to remain silent.  Silence is its own spell.  Also know that because of the principle of infinity you can always try something and if it is fate it shall unfold; for there are infinite dimensions where it would happen and maybe even more infinite where it would not.  If magic does not work and you lose faith you understand not the principles of infinity or the truth of reality.  Faith is not real without this knowledge.  When a real wizard fails to bring something from the un-manifested abyss of possibilities he merely says, sometimes the magic works and sometimes it does not.
                There are also many vigils, such as the candle flame, the cauldron, the pyre and many more.  Crystals have a nature which can have intelligence, and they can be listened to.  There is also oil that can be enchanted and used for rites, for oil can hold energy; and can bestow sight, vital strength and many other things.  There can also be made circles in the dirt or with stones which can be enchanted and used for diverse purposes, but if you summon spirits after this manner you must have pentacles to shield yourself; for with the power of the circle they can sometimes be given more power than they would otherwise have.  Ye can also affect the weather in this way as you can with songs and diverse meditations, or if you offer oil, alcohol or stakes in promise of a sacrifice unto elemental Gods.  Mirrors can also be used to split oneself for operations of the subconscious mind or for projecting emanations or summoning spirits as well.  There are also diverse ways of ensuring loved ones will meet again after death or be born into your bloodline, including ordinance work for the dead or jumping over flames in a pillar circle.  These things should not be done where many others can see though, for how can we know the desires, nature or will of a man unless he is known for many years and you are in many circumstances with him?  All these things are ways of focusing your will to bring forth the un-manifested from the in-between land, or to travel unto the dimension or plane where they are true.

Magi Yavis once said;

“And this is the way by which the thing is done: you must hold these feelings in your heart, and they must be clear and fresh in your mind, and it may not be any great length of time passed since it was given to you by God to feel these things. And in that moment a Regent to you, which may be also a prophet or a fellow Disciple, or of those in our order any Regent or Disciple who has attained a rank of Nobility, should reach out and touch you, and it may be on the head, or the shoulder, or on any part of the arms or face, which will set that emotion you have felt into that point on the body which the Regent has touched. And it is a good thing that it should be a unique place, that you should have no other conflict or emotion that arises when it is touched, for if it is so they shall be weak, and be gone forever both things. And from then on, in any time and for all purposes, you may touch the Anchoring, and it will return to you those emotions and the memory of that great event for which the place was set, and you shall remember what it was to be touched of a god, and it shall be given to you to remember the thing, that you may be inspired to be greater today than you were yesterday, or to create when before you felt no desire, or to arouse the passions whereby you might speak or do a thing which is important to be done at that time, but in which you could not take courage for your inabilities. And by this same token may you touch again that place, if it goes well, that you should be inspired evermore, and by which you may be greater tomorrow than you have ever been. And this is the special purpose of the Anchoring, and that is all God has taught me concerning the matter.”

Chapter 5
Concerning Meditative Circles

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                I lay back and close my eyes; I see another world with strange purple trees and a green sky.  There are many floating creatures in the greenish waters.  Sitting by the shore is a man in yellow robes and white hair beaming brightly.  He holds scrolls in his hands covered in circles, and he looks up and begins to talk into the air knowing that endless beings are seeing a vision of him from endless planes of existence in that moment since he invited any to hear.

Enter: Magi Yavis

                “Know this: it is the challenge that God has given to himself to be as a perfect Circle, which thing cannot be seen here on the earth, and cannot exist in it.  He wishes to be the infinite in one, which is to say a perfect circle has for its part only one side, which is also the same thing has an infinite number; and for this reason has he made in our bodies a reactiveness to the circle in nature, and made our bodies in such manner as to draw our eyes toward those circles nature has made most elegant and clean.  This is a tool given to you to learn a thing, or to teach a thing, or to remember a thing learned; draw to yourself a circle, and whatsoever thing you should write inside the circle within or without, the same will come to your mind in times of your need.  And this shall be the manner by which you may do this: create first the circle, of your own hand or by whatever means you might to give to it a shape most clear and round, that your eye may focus to it and may give it strength.  And create next the etchings of those things which shall represent the knowledge to be learned, and shall be as plain as it is given them to be to know the things that the circle might teach.  And make of these etchings broad marks and easy strokes, for this is the manner that best suits the mind.  And once the two have been combined, look upon it a while and use them to meditate and repeat to yourself or aloud the things that you wish to remember, or the things you wish to teach with it.  The circle will provide to you focus and the drawing inside will provide the content, and the result is a perfection, such as can be found here on earth, which perfection is not the circle or the content, but which perfection is the amplification of the content that should be learned by this new sigil.  And if you should wish to teach, go quickly to the place of the pupil and tell to him all you would say of the thing that you wish to teach, and give of him to keep that circle which you have created by meditation, that he may remember always the words of your mouth and that the circle may be a method of remembrance to him, and if it is for your own self that you do the thing, repeat it to yourself again when you have finished all.”  (From the Book Veritas taught by Yavis and recorded by Davit)

                I open my eyes and I open the book of Veritan rites and read.

Enter: Magi Elose

The Yasna of Yasnas

Revealed in these last times by Elose the Magi

 This is the rite in which the initiate receives his Yasna belt.

 The belt is boiled in the basin of water on the fire alter, in the center of the Titan pillars. The initiate is dressed in all white to show worthiness and purity. The white shirt should be made of two pieces, (Front and Back) there should also be a front pocket in the center of the shirt. The initiate has a guide of sorts who would be like a father or brother. The guide leads him around the pillars nine times, and then up the steps and between two of the pillars, the one to his right should be the Titan pillar who he has chosen to emulate and follow. The Fire priest will than say,

"The back of your tunic symbolizes your past which has been washed clean and has no recollection of stain. The front is your future and the pocket is what your future holds. Remember, you are the writer of your own future."

The Fire priest will now pull out a piece of sage brush or some kind of brush like Soma and say,

"This is a piece of sage brush which is the most noble of plants. Men do not now see or recollect its beauty, but in its perfected state it is the Manna of life. Yet do not be deceived by its current state, it still holds the keys to healing and mental knowledge. Place it in your pocket. Now the sage is only the first of seven things you shall put in your pocket, these things should be things that will heal your mind and body when you have nowhere else to turn. Things which will bring back the memories that you desire to outline your eternal future."

After the Fire priest hands the sage to the initiate the initiate will put it in his pocket. The fire priest will now remove the Yasna belt from the boiling water and tie it around the initiate. The fire priest will then put his hands in the sign of Elose and say, "repeat after me."

"Ara Ayia _______, (your patron Deity) praise be to thee our Father/Mother."  The priest will than say, "This is the praise you shall say in your mind or aloud when you put the belt on in the morning and when you take it off at night you shall say: Our Parents are full of light!"

The fire priest will now give the initiate an almond nut or some other kind of nut and say, "Be prosperous my son and follow the path of truth or be a true Magi."

 Than the initiate is led down from the pillars and the celebration begins. A feast is made and Magistic songs are sung. Decorations are put out and the rest is basically a righteous celebration. The initiate is now considered of age.

The Prophet Joseph Smith Jun. once said;

“"I take my ring from my finger and liken it unto the mind of man - the immortal part, because it had no beginning. Suppose you cut it in two; then it has a beginning and an end; but join it again, and it continues one eternal round.”

Chapter 6
Concerning personal Meta Worlds

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Room of Creation

The original Magistic rite revealed by Elose

"Come let us go to the room of creation"

                   You then dedicate the space unless it had been done previously.

"What color is your world?"
"How much gravity is present?"
"What is the core made of?"
-          Mantel
-          Crust
"How big is your world?"
"Is there an atmosphere?"  "What is it made of?"
"Can there be anything seen in or threw the firmament?"
"What gives light to your world?"
"Is there water on your world?"
"Is there life in the waters?"          "What kinds?"
"Is there life in the firmament?"    "What kinds?"
"Is there life on the land?"              "What kinds?"
"What is the name of your world?"

"It is finished.  Now with the name and the password which I shall here after give you, you may accesses this world through your robes which you have created, Becoming safe from the negative influences of the Meta and find a safe haven in this sanctuary of the mind.

"The password is_______.  Now say both of them in your mind the name being first and put on the Robes.

"You have now been dressed in the Robes of your world.  This candle we give you that ye may see all truth that is before you.   Put it safely in the pocket of your Robes.  This paint brush we give you that you may always write true principles.   Put it also in the pocket."

"Brethren you are now part of the Veritus or in other words Seekers of Truth.  May you always look for and accept the truth.   Fear is our enemy.  We do not fear the truth for that is what keeps men from her.  Amen."

A Description of the Room of Creation
Which is not necessary to have for the rite

     In the center is a low square alter with various implements upon it.   Around the lip of the alter should be carved or en-graven Gamalions .  There are three chairs at the head of the room with a small table in front of them for writing.  Everything should be of fine work.   To the left side of the room is a picture of a Galaxy, to the right a mirror.  The Walls should be blue or purple. Purply blue Curtains should  hang over all the walls not used if possible.   Finally the Magi Star should be directly above the alter on the ceiling.

     Upon the alter should be

First a blank book and a bottle of ink.
Second a square and a compass.
Third a triangular leveler.
Fourth a metal bowl of water.
Fifth a weight and measure.
Sixth a round bottle with more water in it.
Seventh a stone and a bottle of dirt.

Antiochus I Theos once said;

“It did also happen that they did instruct me to pick up a stone from around the fire on the ground, and they did say unto me; this shall be your stone upon which many things shall be revealed and through which ye shall become immortal among the Gods.  I did pick up the stone and did place it in my pocket, and did go down from the mountains filled with joy.  Now I did follow the directions of the Gods that they revealed unto me.  I did stand in front of a mirror and I did put out my hands with my rock and did meditate into it; wherefore I did see my conscious self be divided much as my wisdom was at first.  For behold Nana did cut the cord between us, and he did fall into a new abyss, much to my horror; wherefore she did say, behold such is the beginning of every world.”

The Titan Tan once said;

“We are all more connected than you think.  Just as you are all the people in the world within you, similarly we are all parts of the one in whose world we reside.  There is no end to emanations and ones those emanations are in.  This gives rise to the two principle aspects of our knowledge.  As there are emanations that have one source, they shall love and give hospitality to one another.  Secondly that there is one eternal order which arises in the universe within that one in which we reside.  All is within us, light and darkness, good and evil, male and female, independence and unity.  Those within you must marry as those without.  Everything comes to this understanding of balance, cycle and order, as well as the power of this love and brotherhood that should exist between individual emanations.  That which is above is like that which is below, and that which is within, as that which is without.  Concerning the reciprocal principles of hospitality - firstly we give the Gods gifts, oaths and create sacred places dedicated to them, whereby they become our guests.  They then serve us in return as their guests, through inspiration, ordinances and divine aid.  Couples, brothers, sisters and whole tribes do this also.  Tribes immerse and bestow the spirits of their ancestors upon their children.  Brothers and sisters make oaths to each other, give gifts and eat and drink with one another as a communion between them. Couples make oaths to each other and administer to one another as hosts to the other.  This is how to lay hold unto eternal love and an everlasting relationship through all the cycles of time.  To simply administer to the other in love by washing, anointing and massaging their feet; as the Gods have done eternities before you.  Or whatever is meaningful to you, done in eternal love; for every action of the enlightened is an ordinance unto those of their Order and family.”


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