(Whom name known also as MEROVECH (on German) and as MEROVEUS (on Latin))



     The noblest King Merovee is the name-founder of the Merovingian Royal Dynasty in Gallia (France).


     Patriarch and Eighth Dispensation Head is his Royal Patriarchal Heir and the direct blood-descendant of Grail King Merovee.



That is the very ancient record written by the hand of Aestious, the High Priest, and the King’s royal housekeeper. He was / is also the cover Patriarch in the Patriarchal Priesthood of our Father ADAM




1.  Humble Aestious sends greetings to the lost Tribes of Isra’EL. Being as pure White Israelite I do record now the words of my Master Merovee, the Grail King.

2.  Behold, o, ye, nations of Isra’EL, the Adamic children. The great darkness did cover the whole Earth and I was called by the King Merovee to hold the burn lamp and was ordained and announced to be the High Priest in the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood.

3.  The proper age for the Patriarchal Priesthood is the thirty years. I am just twenty seven years old but I was ordained and anointed under the royal hands of King Merovee to be the sovereign Patriarch. It was not revealed to the corrupted folk. By the Patriarchal authority I am writing the own identity words of King Merovee.

4.  And King Merovee dictated: I am the very old man whom name will be lost in the last days. Look and see, my beloved Patriarchal son Aestious.

5.  And I, Aestious, looked and saw clearly. The storming sea, the black clouds and the King Merovee on the sea cost. His crown lost its aureole, his spine is hunched and his rod is the willow cane.

6.  His voice was the yell of lion. “I am Merovee, the son of the Sea God.” And I saw his tears.

7.  “Great King Merovee, my Patriarchal Father, why do you cry”,-I have asked him. He did turn his sunlight face to me. “My testimony was rejected as the testimony of my Royal descendant will be rejected in the very last days”.

8.  Now I, Aestious, have a permission to write about the Royal origin and about the Patriarchal teaching of King Merovee.


The following verses of this chapter were received through the Divine Revelation.


9.  After one year King Merovee died and his Royal body was buried in the sea by Patriarch Aestious.

10.              Soon High Priest and cover Patriarch Aestious was murdered by the evil servants of Lucifer who were the Roman – Catholic priests and, in the same time, agents of the Byzantine Orthodox Emperor.

11.              King Merovee was enunciated as Heathen and Anti-Christ by the great and abominable church of Devil.

12.              Great Emperor Napoleon I of France knew about his Merovingian origin. He did fight against the Judeo-Masonic England but was poisoned in his exile.

13.              The lineal Royal blood-descendant of King Merovee was anointed by Saviour Jesus Christ Himself as the King over the whole House of Isra’EL and whole Earth and will lead the righteous remnant of the House of Isra’EL to the glorious Millennial Reign of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.





1. Behold, I am Aestious, and I shall reveal about the Royal origin and destiny of King Merovee as he exposed it to me in the past time. King Merovee was the son of the Sea God and of the mortal women. And I shall write about his Royal parents.


That is the narration of King Merovee about his Royal parents written by Aestious.


2. I am from the Royal Dynasty of the Holy Grail. The Divine Priesthood of the Holy Grail is the fullness of the Adamic Kingship and Adamic Patriarchy. I did inherit the Divine Priesthood of the Holy Grail as the first-born Patriarchal heir of my parents by blood and anointing.

3. Behold, my father’s name is Davvehet which means on the pure Adamic language “The king of desert”. He is truly one of the Gods and known as the Sea God. He was one of the sons of our First Father Adam when Father Adam or great Michael the Archangel lived on his Earth planet.

4. When Father Adam was murdered His Royal Family was exiled in the desert of Haleda and Davvehet, my father, was anointed as the king over his father’s family.

5. That is the mystery of creation but the minor Gods are the rulers over the Earth’s elements. And my father is the Sea God. Accordingly to the principle of eternal opposition my father became the Sea God. He was the faithful in the desert of Haleda when they had not a water to drink and today he is the God over the seas and waters.

6. My mother was Princess Gauellica. That is the old name for our land which Fathers had and my mother received her name in the memory of Gauellica, Adam’s and Eve’s daughter, who came on this land and consecrated it in the holy name of Jehovah.

7. The eternal celestial marriage of my parents was performed by Father Adam Himself. My mother Gauellica was taken off from the land and was translated into the deepest waters of ocean by the Divine force.

8. Do not be amazed, o, my beloved son Aestious, our Earth has many levels of habitat. My father Davvehet rules over the underwater nations. They are very white, delightsome and noble people. Some of them came with my father from his Earth, some are translated children of Isra’EL and many of them lived on Thule, the Northern land.

9. They live in deepest waters and will not come on the dry Earth because they keep in pure the Patriarchal Order of the Father which will be lost on the dry Earth after a few generations of my Royal successors on this land.

10. The sea folk has admirable Temple. My father taught me that only in the Holy City of Father Enoch we shall be able to see this kind of God’ sacred Temple. The sea people name their Temple as “Grossdeled” which means “The Holy Temple of Pure Nation”. That word was brought from the Northern land of Thule.

11. And Father Adam Himself performed the everlasting marriage of my parents in Grossdeled. And Father Adam told to my mother Gauellica: “The pure seed will govern in prosperity over the land of Gallia.”

12. That marvelous Divine promise was given to our Royal Dynasty from Father Adam and Mother Eve, Who also attended in Grossdeled. That promise always comforted my senile heart. If my Royal descendants will keep the pure blood, pure heart and pure skin they will always rule over this blessed land.

13. We are the keepers of the ancient Wisdom and Knowledge. These Wisdom and Knowledge came from the Fathers. The Patriarchs who lived on the Northern land of Thule revealed it to my father Davvehet. That is the “Allerdeum” on the ancient language of Thule. [The meaning of the “Allerdeum” is the Nordic Aryan Gnosis of the Kings]. The Patriarchs of Thule did bring their sacred relics to the Grossdeled. Two of those relics were the crown and iron rod of the Father Olaffamer, the last King of Thule.




This final chapter is about of the some of Patriarchal teachings of King Merovee for his Patriarchal son Aestious.


1.  Behold, o, Aestious, my beloved son in the Holy Patriarchal Order. This Holy Order is the Order of the Fathers. The universes and worlds were organized by the power of creation which is the power of the Divine Patriarchal Priesthood.

2.  The every sovereign Patriarch and Matriarch in that Priesthood must be chosen, ordained and anointed. The Patriarchal Anointing is pertaining to the Order of the Fathers. That is the Heavenly anointing.

3.  If a male or a female desire to go through the narrow gates of Allerdeum he or she must be anointed as the sovereign Patriarch or sovereign Matriarch. And now I will tell about the Royal Kingly Anointing as I heard about it from my father and he was taught from the King Olaffamer, the last king of the Northern land of Thule.

4.  The Presiding Patriarch, who was crowned by the God the Father or by the Saviour of his Earth, has the special Priesthood right to perform the Royal Kingly Anointing. He will take the holy chrism (the composition and the method of preparation of that holy chrism can be revealed only to every Presiding Patriarch) through the revelation to himself) and will pour the holy chrism on the head of the sovereign Patriarch or sovereign Matriarch. After that he will put his both hands on the head and will confirm that very holy anointing.

5.  The words of confirmation of the Royal Kingly Anointing as it were given by King Olaffamer: “Accordingly with the Holy Order of the Gods and Fathers and Kings by the Heavenly power of the Divine Patriarchal Priesthood and of the Divine Patriarchal Kingship I do confirm the Royal Kingly Anointing upon your head given you through the holy chrism and grant you the fullness of the Divine Holy Grail Priesthood. In the name and authority of the endless Gods and Fathers and Kings. Amen.”

6.  Behold, my noble and good descendants, the Royal Merovingian symbol is the pure white fragrant lily. When Archangel Gabriel, who is the Father Noah, came down on the Earth to prepare Virgin Mary for the celestial marriage with Father Adam, he brought for Virgin Mary the white lily from the Heavenly gardens. And Father Noah spoke to Virgin Mary and said: “Be blessed, o, the purest and whites Virgin on the Earth”. Remember always that our pure white lily is our pure white race.

7.  When I, Aestious, have written the words of noble King Merovee he sealed this book until the proper time when it will be opened again for the benefit of the Kingdom of God on the Earth.


The following verses of this chapter were received through the Divine Revelation.


8.  This sacred scripture was buried in the sea with Grail King Merovee by Aestious. King Merovee was resurrected by the special keys of resurrection which ones his father holds and joined with the sea folk.

9.  The last words of Patriarch Aestious were: “I know my Saviour, Redeemer and forefather is alive. I shall be killed and resurrected. I send the blessing of noble King Merovee to all scattered Israelites who are loyal to the Fathers and who are not joining the Darkness. The Divine Light will lead you all in the desirable presence of Eloheim. Amen”.


The endnote of the translator

I have finished writing the Divine dictation. It was promised to me by Brother Samuel Warren Shaffer, the Seer of the Kingdom of God on the Earth, that I shall translate the portion of the sacred scriptures from the Book of the Grail Kings.

I bear my humble testimony that the Heir of King Merovee was chosen, appointed and anointed from our Heavenly Parents. His revelation and true and he sit now on the Adamic Throne on the Earth. Before the Heavens and Earth I testify that all of his revelations, words and testimonies are genuine.

In the holy name of Jesus Christ, our beloved Saviour and Redeemer, amen.